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Master's Thesis Machine-Learning and Data Science (all genders)

Karlsruhe, Germany; Heilbronn, Germany

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Background of the work:

The idea of simulation-based optimization (SBO) is to combine with simulation models an optimization component that varies certain parameters of a simulation model to minimize or maximize an objective function. In particular, the simulation of complex, real-world systems such as autonomous vehicles offer a wide range of applications where optimization methods support issues in the development and testing process.
The simulation environment CARLA ( is an open-source tool in the research environment of autonomous vehicles. It provides a complete modeling and visualization of a vehicle including the automated driving function, as well as the environment consisting of roads, road users, static objects of the infrastructure, etc.
The goal of this work is to link existing machine-learning-based optimization methods with the CARLA simulation environment. For this purpose, the existing Python API of CARLA will be used. Through the optimization methods, selected parameters will be iteratively manipulated in CARLA in an automated way and the simulation will be executed and evaluated afterwards. In addition to the implementation, a suitable test-use case will be developed within the scope of this work together with the supervisor, which is able to evaluate the achieved performance of the overall environment.

The work includes the following sub-aspects:

- Onboarding- Onboarding with the simulation tool CARLA and CARLA's API
- Concept development - conceptual design of an integration of Python-based optimization functions into the simulation environment
- Implementation - Implementation of the integration and building of a striking test-use-case
- Evaluation - Test, evaluation and documentation

What do we offer?
- Salary: Fair salary based on your professional experience. Work model: Flexible working hours, including home office.
- Technology: Work on and with the latest technologies, libraries and hardware.
- Team: You can expect a young team of experts in the field of AI and software development.
- Future: After your final thesis, you can continue your career with us with a permanent position (incl. participation program).
- Speed: From your application, to getting to know you, to a decision, we need a maximum of two weeks.

What are we looking for?
- Field of study: Students of computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or comparable qualifications
- Expertise: Programming skills in Python
- Experience: With Linux / Ubuntu advantageous
- Mindset: Independent and goal-oriented way of working

How to apply in under a minute?
- Hit the "Apply" button.
- Attach your CV and university record.
- Done, no need for coverletter etc.

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