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RevoAI Eco System

Editor: Theresa

Jun 8 , 2023

Partnership between Fraunhofer IESE and RevoAI to enable more productivity in specification and test.

The testing effort of autonomous systems is infeasible, today. For example automed driving requires several billion accident-free test kilometers to statistically prove safety, a requirement that cannot be achieved through real driving tests or randomly selected simulation tests. The only way to provide safety evidence is through the representative selection of test cases and the optimal choice of test parameters.

The cooperation with Fraunhofer IESE will enhance RevoAI's solution portfolio. The fully automated testing solution enables coverage of all relevant test situations and parameters. By reducing the number of test cases and conducting targeted tests, a significantly lower testing effort and practical feasibility of the tests are ensured. The application allows developers, testers, and certification organizations to assess the safety of autonomous vehicles and contributes to the approval process of automated vehicles.

We are happy to share insights on how this can improve the productivity of your testing process in a personal meeting.

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